Trolley Dash - A Christmas Gift

In conjunction with Tesco, the Trust gave deserving families in Wales the chance to make Christmas ‘happen’ .

Trolley Dash - A Christmas Gift

In the spirit of our Mantra; Jump In. Join Us. Together We’ll Change Lives Forever, with the most simple of gestures, last week the Princes Gate Trust did just that. In conjunction with Tesco, the Trust gave deserving families in Wales the chance to make Christmas ‘happen’ in the face of serious adversity. These families were chosen to take part in a fifteen minute ‘Trolley Dash’ at their local Tesco Extra so that theirs might become a christmas less troubled. Graham Laugharne and his children Joseph (14), Jacob (10) and Jenna (9), tragically lost their wife and mum Lynsey last August. The first Christmas without their Mum will undoubtedly be difficult, but as was the intention of the Princes Gate Trust, might be slightly softened by the irradiation of financial worries over the period. The smiles on their faces spoke volumes on how uplifting the experience was - a brief diversion from their loss.

At Tesco Llansamlet (Swansea) it was the turn of single Mum Rebecca and her three young children, who were all affected greatly by the sudden loss of their grandmother who was a big support to their family. Care Home worker Rebecca has been forced to take time off recently due to various health issues. This Trolley Dash has effectively reignited the Christmas flame in their household. That Ryan Jones was their checkout teller was a bonus for all involved! His usual spirited self, Princes Gate Brand Ambassador and Trustee Ryan was on hand (literally) to add some magic to the day. He proved himself a talented till operative in the process and aided the speed of the Trolley Dash no end.

Another deserving Trolley Dash recipient was Sari from Port Talbot, who sadly lost her daughter-in-law to cancer recently. Sari has since taken on sole custodianship of her granddaughter Ellie- May (7). Times have been emotionally and financially challenging. This Trolley Dash helps give Sari and her and her beautiful granddaughter some stability and peace of mind through Christmas and beyond.

Next it was the turn of another struggling family from Port Talbot - Laura, Ross and their three young sons, including 10 month old Rayden. The trolley dash afforded this couple the baby essentials they so desperately needed, in addition to food and some presents to open on Christmas morning.

Present on the day was Chair of Trustees from the Princes Gate Trust, Samantha Atkinson. Of the experience, Samantha commented; ‘It was an extremely humbling day from start to finish. We were all conscious of how easily unforeseen life events might propel any of us into stark economic times overnight and so to be able to help these families at Christmas was just a joy. The trust has been overwhelmed by messages and calls of thanks since the Trolley Dashes. Our overall aim for the initiative was to bring smiles to children’s faces - a goal we well and truly achieved.”