we are Princes Gate Trust

Our story

The philanthropic arm of Princes Gate Spring Water, based in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. For many years Princes Gate Spring Water has worked tirelessly to raise much needed funds and awareness for a variety of charity partners, including the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity, for which we have raised in excess of £150,000. In 2014, we made the decision to formalise and strengthen our charitable endeavours to establish the Princes Gate Trust; a stand-alone registered charity with lofty ambitions in our sights.


our aim

Our aim is simple: To change lives forever.

We raise our funds through organised challenges throughout the year, the proceeds of which are gifted to worthy beneficiaries upon whom we believe we can bestow life-enhancing change.

Our events have had a secondary - but no less important - effect of positively enhancing the lives, emotional and physical health of our participants. Our Trustees and participants in general represent a collaboration of like-minded individuals; united in their shared gratitude for the blessing of health and wellbeing, and their commitment to raising the life experiences of those less fortunate. Since its inception, the Princes Gate Trust events have yielded over 15 Ironmen and women - many of whom had never previously tested their physical endurance.

Princes Gate Spring Water also commits to covering all of the expenses and overheads of the Trust, which allows us to work in a refreshingly transparent way as every single penny that is raised or donated will go to the very worthy charitable cause or young person in need.


Princes Gate Trust